This will take team work!

mahaheadshot2This Presidential election is proving to be a critical moment in history, not only for the United States but for the entire world.

While ING is not a political organization, our speakers are frequently called upon to comment on and respond to the political environment, and this critical time is no exception. 

American Muslims are at the center of the current political maelstrom and some politicians are leveraging anti-Muslim stereotypes to score political points.

How should we respond when politicians exploit negative sentiments about Islam? Is it ever useful to ignore a situation like this and wait it out, or merely be angry about it and just complain? Or can we afford to wait for someone else to deal with this issue?

We think not!

While Islamophobia spiked after 9/11, anti-Muslim bigotry has never been as bad as it is today. One poll showed that 55 percent of the U.S. public supports banning all Muslim immigration.

The stakes are too high to ignore this reality, and everyone needs to get involved to combat it.  

At ING, we have always believed that our best response is to push back against bigotry and hate through meaningful interfaith engagement and relevant education. Our audiences have joined us, and their response is always affirming!

But we also have a moral responsibility to refute the misrepresentations — and outright lies — about Muslims and their faith.

ING and its affiliates in 20 states are pushing back against Islamophobia on many fronts and in many ways. And you have an essential role to play in all of this by investing in ING. I say “investing” because a portion of your gift goes into our endowment for sustainability. Your giving at ING is an investment in perpetuity.

To take advantage of the opportunities that the present moment presents, to fulfill the goals of our new efforts and initiatives, we need your support. This is a challenging time, and as our situation is virtually without precedent, so must be our response.

We count on you to help us work together to combat hate and bigotry for an America that values diversity, inclusion and pluralism. With your help, we will continue to represent American Muslims even more intensely, broadly and effectively.

I hope you will consider investing in ING this Ramadan.

Wishing you in advance a very blessed and peaceful Ramadan.

Maha Elgenaidi
Chief Executive Officer