VIDEO: How to Teach About World Religion in Schools

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“Can We Talk About That Here?” Teaching About World Religions in Schools

Learning about world religions in the context of social studies and world history curricula is required in all 50 states, and yet teachers are either ill-equipped or under-resourced to teach about the subject and under increasing scrutiny for how they present these topics objectively in their classrooms. This webinar helps teachers navigate these challenges by addressing the constitutional role of religious education as an academic discipline rather than a devotional one. View the recording to learn how to enhance students’ religious literacy skills by exposing students to a diversity of religious views and by encouraging critical thinking about the history, beliefs and practices of world religions with an emphasis on the study of Muslims and their faith. This webinar was presented in partnership with the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center (WEEAC). View the recording here

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Thursday, September 30 at 9am PDT

How Is Your School Preparing for Bullying Prevention Month?

Students of diverse backgrounds are bullied in school and on social media, which can lead to anxiety, depression, and decreased academic achievement. Research has shown that Muslim students face bullying at twice the rate of the national average, yet school administrators and teachers are under-equipped to address this challenge. This webinar will discuss strategies and resources for educators and administrators to foster inclusive environments in their classrooms that safeguard and enhance Muslim students’ experiences in K-12 schools. Join us on Thursday, September 30 at 9am PDT. Register at this link

Thursday, November 4 at 9am PST

What You Need to Know About Religious Discrimination in Schools

This panel for educators provides an in-depth discussion about the experiences of many Muslim, Jewish, Sikh, Hindu, and LDS students, including harassment, bullying and exclusion in school curriculum. The panel will address specific issues that confront these student populations and provide strategies for inclusion, such as learning about their cultures and traditions and how resources can be incorporated into social studies classes. Join us on Thursday, November 4 at 9am PST. Register at this link.