I Want My Children In An Environment Free of Prejudice

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I want my children to learn in an environment free of prejudice and bullying. That’s why I support ING.


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I, like all parents, want my children to study, learn and play in an environment that is free of prejudice, bullying and teasing, so that our children can be both fully American and fully Muslim. That is why I support ING – because they do a fantastic job educating about Islam and Muslims. Because of ING’s work, the quality of discourse about interfaith relation has improved immensely. If you are like me and care about how teachers and students perceive fellow Muslims, than I ask you support ING. Because that’s why I support it. – Mughees Minhas

Participate in ING’s Ramadan campaign today with your donation. Every dollar you contribute goes to challenge stereotypes and prevent prejudice and bigotry.

$25 – Reach 50 educators
$50 – Reach 10 schools
$100 – Reach 1 school district
$250 – Reach 3 school districts
$500 – Reach 6 school districts
$1,000 – To hold a youth and speakers training
$5,000 – To do one educator mailing to schools in seven Bay Area counties

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