We look forward to the New Year with faith and hope

We look forward to the New Year with faith and hope

We know we have challenges in the year ahead. But our faith bids us hope. All our faiths, however different they may be on some points, concur in pointing to the overarching reality of compassion and love as the central principle of our teachings.

And all our faiths speak also of hope for the future that is grounded in thanksgiving for the past. We at ING have much to be thankful for in the year now passing, not least your faithful support as we try to bring the message of love and hope to our communities. We hope that you also have much to be thankful for.

So as we enter the New Year we sincerely hope and pray for a year that is filled with peace, harmony, and good will among all people and for an end to violence and war and to the fear that provokes them. We will continue both to pray and to work for a world of understanding, openness, compassion, and love.

We hope that this coming year will bring success, joy, and happiness to you and your family. Again, we thank you for your ongoing support for ING – we could not have achieved our important goals this year without you!

A very happy and blessed new year to you and yours,

-ING Staff