Welcome to the INGYouth Program

Welcome to the INGYouth Program
Training and Tools for Teen American Muslims

Our INGYouth Speakers Program empowers teen American Muslims to counter Islamophobia through formal presentations and informal conversations. Learn about INGYouth certification and check out our upcoming trainings and workshops throughout the country. You can also read about what teen American Muslims have said about our workshops and see a list of past events with photos and articles.

Check out our INGYouth resources to increase awareness about Muslims!

We’ve created a new set of presentations focusing on various aspects of Muslim life and history. Topics include: Getting to Know American Muslims, A History of Muslims in America, Muslim Contributions to Civilization, and Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes.

We’ve also organized a set of 54 Frequently Asked Questions about Islam and Muslims meant specifically for teen Muslims as well as a Series of Videos featuring INGYouth Speakers answering some questions.

You will also find tips about how to share and present your experiences as a teen American Muslim with your friends and classmates in a respectful and educational manner.

In our Anti-Bullying section, you can find information on how to tackle the difficult issue of bullying.

Feel free to download our Bullying Prevention Guide for educators, parents and mosques.

You can also learn more about Student & Parent rights in schools.

Print out some handouts (student) and (parent) on identifying and dealing with teasing, harassment and bullying.

Watch webinars for parents on issues and remedies relating to American Muslim teens.

We can also refer you to other Support and Resources if you are in a situation where you need help.*

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please email Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan at  [email protected]!

*DISCLAIMER: The material provided in the Anti-Bullying section is intended for informational use to better understand the problems of bullying that many teens face. If you or someone you know is experiencing any kind of bullying, please contact your teacher, principal, or parents.