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Help us build an iPad app for educators
that includes ING presentations, answers to questions
about Islam, and other information about Muslims

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Sample curriculum offered in the app

ING’s curriculum on Islam and Muslims has already educated thousands of students. Help us create an iPad app  to reach millions of educators and students across America, and see what a difference your contribution can make to engage students and prevent bullying.

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Help us build online training on Islam
and Muslims for law enforcement officers

To counter Islamophobic training and build rapport and trust between police departments and Muslim communities

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“Seeing the materials FBI agents are being trained with certainly helps explain why we’ve seen so many inappropriate FBI surveillance operations broadly targeting the Muslim-American community.”

– Mike German, former FBI agent

ING has been training law enforcement agencies since 1995. Our flagship training, titled “Working with the American Muslim Community,” has been delivered to thousands of officers across the country, face to face. We now want to put our 60 PowerPoint slides, video resources, and other material online for easy and direct access to police officers.

Donate to our crowdfunding campaign today  and help ING ensure that the information law enforcement agencies receive about Muslims and their faith is accurate, balanced, and culturally appropriate.

Thank you.