Year End Total for ING

ING in the San Francisco Bay Area completed a busier than usual Spring-Summer semester, with a total of 289 presentations delivered in nine Bay Area counties to a total of approximately 11,000 people.

That brings the total for the school year, from September 2005 – July 2006, to the following:

– Total # of presentations: 657

– Approximate # of Americans of other faiths who’ve sat in on an ING presentation: 35,000

– Total # of presentations in classrooms: 522

– Total # of presentations in other public institutions (law enforcement, corporations, hospitals, etc.): 135

This reflects a remarkable rise for ING in the number of presentations to adult institutions. While schools continue to be the dominant venue visited, with 56% of ING presentations to Middle and High Schools, presentations in adult institutions made up a significant 44%. This is a reflection of ING’s increased recognition, as well as the increased interest in learning more about Islam and Muslims at all levels of society. The break down with accompanying numbers of total presentations is as follows for all venues for the entire academic year (September 2005-July 2006):

– Schools Visited = 174
– Classroom presentations = 522
– College/University Presentations = 32
– Social Institutions = 30
– Conferences = 21
– Religious Institutions = 20
– Healthcare = 10
– School Staff Development = 7
– ING training sessions = 7
– Corporations = 4
– Law Enforcement = 3
– Media = 3

This increased interest was reflected in the steady number of requests during Spring Semester, which generally is not as busy as the fall. (Highlights from fall semester can be found here:

Highlights from spring semester include presentations to the following groups:

Churches & Synagogues included:

– Betham Synagogue
– Unitarian Universalist Church
– Grace Cathedral
– JCCSF Methodist Church
– Grace Baptist Mission
– Jewish Community Relations Council
– Congregation Shir Hadash
– Women’s Alliance of the Jewish Community Federation

Colleges and Universities included:

– San Jose State University
– Mills College
– UC Berkeley
– Los Positas College
– Stanford University
– Dominican University
– Santa Clara University
– Pacific Union College

Healthcare facilities included:

– Stanford School of Medicine
– Berkeley Public Health Division
– UCSF Nursing Dept
– VA Palo Alto Healthcare

Social Service institutions included:
– Child and Family Institute
– American Leadership Forum
– San Jose Sunrise Rotary Club
– Livermore Public Library
– Fremont Public Library
– Los Gatos Kiwanis Club

Conferences in which an ING speaker presented one or more topics included:

– “A Gathering of Hearts Illuminating Compassion,” conference with the Dalai Lama
– “Carry the Vision” Peace Conference
– National Workshop on “Christian Unity Inter-religious Dialogue”
– Santa Clara County “Difficult Dialogues and Religious Conflicts”
– ISNA Leadership Development Conference
– Asian American Journalist Association
– California Council for the Social Studies annual convention
– Islam & Education conference in Georgetown University
– 4th Annual ISNA South Central Zone Regional Conference

ING Speakers Training Sessions were held at the following locations:

– UC Berkeley MSA
– Toronto Speakers Bureau
– Baltimore Speakers Bureau
– San Francisco Speakers Bureau (held at MCA)

We could not have done it without your support! Thank you.

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