Youth Speaker Certification

INGYouth Speaker Certification

The INGYouth Program certifies young American Muslims as speakers to supplement education about Islam and Muslims through informal conversations and student-run presentations.

INGYouth Speaker Certification is designed increase young American Muslims’ Islamic literacy to help them respond to frequently asked questions about Islam, as well as to prevent extremism which is often based on ignorance of authentic religious teachings; build confidence in their Islamic identities based on a sound understanding of their faith; and inspire action towards bridge-building between American Muslims and people of other faiths, or those with no faith. The workshops also provide parents with tips on preventing bullying and guidelines for ensuring a safe educational environment for their children.

The INGYouth Speakers network connects Muslim youth across the country to formally and informally present on Islam and Muslims in schools and other settings.

Process of Certification

  1. Attend an INGYouth Speakers Training in Your Area. At the training, students will receive:
    • Tools for responding to difficult questions about Islam and Muslims
    • Tools (presentations) for supplementing curriculum on Islam and Muslims
    • Practice exercises for delivering presentations and answers to FAQ’s
  2. Take a certification assessment on the content provided during the training
    • Completed within two to three weeks after the training
    • Those who do not pass are provided opportunities to review and retake the assessment
  3. Give a practice presentation on specific ING content
    • Completed within two to three weeks after the certification assessment

Post – Certification

  1. Attend drill sessions to hone skills on answering questions and delivering presentations
  2. Get connected with your schools to present in classrooms about Islam and Muslims
  3. Meet monthly via webinar with fellow INGYouth Speakers across the country to keep up with current events, learn professional skills and share experiences of presenting
  4. Advance through the program unlocking new opportunities to use your skills

Reasons to join the INGYouth Speakers Network:

  • Directly counter growing anti-Muslim bigotry
  • INGYouth Speaker certification opens up more opportunities to present on Islam and Muslims in your schools
  • Connect with young Muslims across the country who may be sharing your experiences
  • Learn professional skills like public speaking, thinking on your feet, adapting to your audience
  • Get a leg up on your college applications
  • Be a part of a cause bigger than yourself

To request a workshop, contact INGYouth Coordinator Ishaq Pathan at [email protected] or 408.296.7312 x (130).