As an Egyptian American, I am Embarrassed

By Maha Elgenaidi, Founder & Executive Director (bio) May 17, 2023 Cleopatra on Netflix (Photo Courtesy: Netflix) A new Netflix documentary Queen Cleopatra featuring the Black British actress Adele James as the legendary queen has ignited an uproar in Egypt… Read More

Hate in School Settings

May 4, 2023 The following remarks were delivered by Maha Elgenaidi on May 2, 2023, at a White House Listening Session on Islamophobia hosted by Second Gentleman Douglas Emhoff, White House Domestic Policy Advisor Ambassador Susan Rice, Deputy Homeland Security Advisor Joshua Geltzer, and Office of Public Engagement Director Stephen… Read More

Is the City of San Jose Islamophobic?

Maha Elgenaidi [Bio] June 17, 2022 The question I ask in the title of this editorial is one which leaders of every city in the country should ask of its residents, not just regarding Islamophobia but towards all other forms of bigotry and racism… Read More

Re-Embracing E Pluribus Unum as Our Nation’s Motto

By Maha Elgenaidi, Founder and Chief Innovation Officer April 28, 2022 As I reflect on my upcoming trip to Washington, D.C. alongside fellow Muslim Americans to celebrate Eid with the Bidens on Monday, May 2nd, an invitation I am grateful for, I am reminded of my previous trips to Washington… Read More

Reaffirming the Values that Guide Our Work

By Maha Elgenaidi, founder and Chief Innovation Officer March 23, 2021 In the past several days, we have learned that ING’s participation at a recent California Department of Education board meeting —where the adoption of a model ethnic studies curriculum, the first of its kind in the nation, was approved… Read More

Liberals Should Listen to Muslim Voices Instead of Those Who Speak for Them

By Maha Elgenaidi, founder and Chief Innovation Officer February 19, 2021 Islamophobia is essentially an instrument of colonialism; an instrument that was used historically to subjugate the colonized by portraying them as barbarians or primitives needing civilizing, or in the present day, to suppress Muslim populations in various ways including… Read More

Virtuous Activism: Friday Reflection for ISNA

By Maha Elgenaidi, founder and Chief Innovation Officer January 22, 2021 This speech was delivered online to audiences at the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) on Friday, January 22nd, 2021. View the recording on YouTube.  Bism Allah ar-Rahman ar-raheem.  In the name of God, the Compassionate,… Read More