We are a national network of American Muslims working with partners of diverse faiths and cultures to promote Islamic literacy and mutual respect and counter prejudice and discrimination through education about Muslims and people of various faiths and worldviews who make up our country. ING emphasizes the importance of countering all forms of bigotry while working within the framework of the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom and pluralism.

Founded in 1993, ING achieves its mission through education and community engagement. We work through regional volunteers and affiliated organizations across the country who provide thousands of presentations, training seminars and workshops, and panel discussions annually in schools, colleges and universities, law enforcement agencies, corporations, healthcare facilities, and community organizations as part of cultural diversity curricula and programs. Reaching hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of individuals a year at the grassroots level, ING is building bridges among people of all backgrounds.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to Zaytuna College, Stanford University, and the University of California – Berkeley as well as a thriving interfaith community that consists of 3 regional interfaith councils, over 50 mosques & Islamic centers, and 5 full-time Islamic schools.

For more information about the organization, visit: https://ing.org/what-we-do. Please sign up for our email newsletters, where we’ll announce new positions periodically.

If you wish to volunteer or intern for ING, please write to [email protected] and send us your resume and interest area.

Current Openings:

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