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Come join ING’s growing team which is pursuing peace through religious and cultural literacy and face-to-face engagement. If you or someone you know is looking for meaningful work and your or their next exciting career move is in the not-for-profit world, then don’t hesitate to apply today.


Our internship program offers a variety of opportunities to learn about the different functions involved in managing and operating a non-profit organization. Interns learn about the work of ING in promoting peace and increasing understanding in our society through various ING educational and interfaith programs. Interns also receive practical training in project management, community outreach, research, writing, and other assignments while working with our professional staff. If you’re a student looking for real-world experience, please consider interning with us.

Join the Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB)

Join our Islamic Speakers Bureau, whose speakers are Muslim Americans. The bureau counters Islamophobia and its impact by supplementing education about Muslims and their faith in a variety of institutional settings.

Join the Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB)

Join our Interfaith Speakers Bureau, whose speakers represent Americans of Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, and Sikh backgrounds. The bureau supplements education about people of faith and world religions in a variety of settings.

Join the Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB)

Join our Intercultural Speakers Bureau whose speakers represent Americans of Muslim, Jewish, Indigenous, African, Hispanic/Latinx, and Asian backgrounds. The bureau addresses a variety of topics relating to bias and racism and how all Americans — White, Brown, and Black — can combat and root out bigotry by working together across all of our differences.

Join INGYouth

Become a teen speaker to develop the skills to engage in dialogue about Islam and Muslims with your classmates and peers and to counter Islamophobia while earning community service hours for your work.

Become a KYN Partner

Join a collaborative effort of 75 partners with diverse missions and objectives who work together on campaigns that push back against bigotry and discrimination while promoting civil dialogue across differences, building relationships and peaceful communities, and advancing human rights and justice.