Experiences and Contributions of African American Muslims in History: New Videos and Lesson Plans

February 1, 2023

We are pleased to announce the release of new ING videos and lesson plans designed to bring attention to the experiences and contributions of enslaved African Muslims beginning in the 16th century, and African American Muslims in the early 20th century to ensure that their history is included and accurately represented in discussions about African American history.

The material is divided into two parts:

*The first part features Dr. Sylviane Diouf who discusses “Enslaved African Muslims in the United States.” 

*The second part features Imam Faheem Shuaibe who discusses “African American Muslims in the Early 20th Century.”

Accompanying the videos are lesson plans for educators which include video transcripts, classroom discussion questions, and activities based on the videos, as well as additional resources, including articles, videos, and music.

Please share these lesson plans with educators and refer to them for your own use. You can read and download the lesson plans here.

*These new lesson plans expand on our existing online curriculum titled A History of Muslims in America, which is taught by educators across the country.

Lesson Plans About Individual and Systemic Racism

ING also offers 14 lessons plans on individual and systemic racism designed for educators in middle and high schools, as well as colleges and universities. (The first two of these were adopted by the California Department of Education for their Ethnic Studies Curriculum)

The curriculum examines the history of dominant narratives about African, Indigenous, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, Jewish, and Muslim American

communities, and how they manifest in each community today.

The curriculum concludes with lessons about the power of counter narratives through the voices of the affected groups, as well as individual and collective actions for countering racism. You can read and download the lesson plans here and/or invite guest panelists from our Intercultural Speakers Bureau (ICSB) who address the same topics in person.

Bring Relevance to History and Current Events Through Live Representative Speakers of Impacted Communities

Available in person or virtually for your classroom or organization

Members of ING Speakers Bureau

 ING’s presentations and live panels are offered throughout the year. Schedule a presentation or panel today from our roster below:

Events are suitable for K-12 and college-level audiences.

Intercultural Panels with Indigenous, African, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, Jewish and Muslim American speakers that supplement the study of American history, colonialism, racism, and American pluralism. Topics include: Countering Bullying with Knowledge, Civility, and Respect and Countering Bigotry and Racism through Calls to Action. Available in 1-to-4-hour formats. Schedule here.

Interreligious Panels with Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh American speakers that supplement the study of world religions and contemporary issues. Topics include: Living the Faith, Shared Values, Religious Holidays, Women, Peacemaking and many more. Available in 1-to-2-hour formats. Schedule here.

Muslim American speakers on topics that supplement the study of Islam in world history, the Middle East, and contemporary issues. Topics include: Getting to Know Muslim Americans and Their Faith, A History of Muslims in America, Muslim Contributions to Civilization, Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes, Islamophobia and Its Impact, and Ramadan and Fasting. Available in 45-90-minute formats. Schedule here.