Improving Islamic Schools | Religious Freedom in the Classroom

ING in Islamic Horizons:
How Can We Improve America’s Islamic Schools?

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi published an article in Islamic Horizons, the magazine of the Islamic Society of North America. She explores promising approaches to improving America’s Islamic schools, including an examination of what has made Catholic and Jewish schools excellent in the past. Maha notes:

“We need to incorporate that which makes us Muslim and American — uncovering the values and ideals in each identity, discovering the profound harmony between them, and looking at ways to instill them in our children and mosque-run weekend schools.”
You can read the full article at the ING blog. You can read Maha’s other published articles on her blog here.

Upcoming Featured ING Events

Hollyhock Equity in Education Conference:
July 17th in Stanford

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will discuss ING’s work in creating inclusive learning environments at Stanford University’s Hollyhock Equity in Education Conference. The Hollyhock Fellowship gathers high school teachers who are interested in deepening and developing their content-specific instructional practices and creating equitable access and opportunities for all learners in their classrooms.

Healthcare for Muslim Patients:
July 18th in Berkeley

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali will deliver ING’s cultural diversity seminar for a group of hospital chaplains. The seminar and its toolkits provide healthcare professionals with the information and skills needed to enhance their healthcare delivery to Muslim patients.

The Current Political Moment for American Muslims:
July 23rd in San Jose

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will deliver a presentation on American Muslim beliefs and practices as well as the current political environment for Muslims in the United States. This is the second in a special series of interactive educational discussions for the Kiwanis Club of San Jose.

What Values Do the World’s Religions Share?
July 26th in Santa Clara

The Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara will host a special Interfaith Speakers Bureau panel on the shared values among the world’s major religions. Participants will offer a brief overview of their beliefs and practices and discuss the human and ethical values they share with one another.

Past ING Events

How Should Schools Approach Religious Freedom?

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi participated in the National Council for the Social Studies’ Religious Studies Summer Institute in Washington, DC with speakers representing the Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, and Catholic communities. Participants explored the ways that religious diversity and religious freedom manifest themselves in today’s classrooms and how important it is for educators, administrators, parents, and students to work together to create more inclusive learning environments for all. If you’re interested in learning about how we can help at your school, request ING’s cultural diversity seminar for educators.

Empowering Students to Combat Religious Bigotry
and Bullying in Schools and Beyond

ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan recently attended a special gathering for K-12 educators and experts in the fields of youth work and combating intolerance. While there, Ishaq and his team worked on developing a student resource to help counter religiously-biased bullying, specifically to give young people a framework for how one’s speech can impact other people. The INGYouth program shows American Muslim teens how their speech can dispel negative stereotypes, for instance. Learn more here.

ING Helps Museum Prepare for Exhibition
on Contemporary Muslim Fashions

In preparation for the Contemporary Muslim Fashions exhibit opening this September at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan provided a background presentation on Islam and Muslims. The group of students and adults who attended are part of the museum’s teen advisory board, which is producing a podcast series for the exhibition. You can request presentations about Muslims and their faith at our site.

Join the ING Team: Development, Speakers
Bureaus, Community Engagement

Come join the team! It’s our 25th year anniversary! We’re searching for a Development Associate to support management in planning and implementation of fundraising- and development-related activities for ING. We also need a Speakers Bureaus Manager to manage our speakers and affiliates while scheduling all requests for ING presentations, lectures, panels, and seminars. And our new Community Engagement Manager will act as liaison between faith communities, public officials, and community leaders while representing ING and leading national interfaith initiatives. Learn more about the positions and qualifications at our employment page.