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ING Mourns the Passing of Executive Director’s Mother


Karima Elgenaidi (1925 – 2018)
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un. “Surely, we belong to God and to Him we will return.”

In recent weeks, ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi has been with her mother in preparation for the end of her life. We are sad to report that on Tuesday, January 23rd, at the age of 92, Karima Elgenaidi passed away peacefully in New Jersey surrounded by her family and friends. May she rest in peace, may her memory be for blessing, and may God shower her with His Mercy, enter her into paradise, and provide ease for Maha and her family. Ameen.


Special Opportunity

ING Internships Available for Spring and Summer

ing internships

The Islamic Networks Groups’ internship program offers a variety of opportunities to learn about the different functions involved in managing and operating a non-profit organization. Interns gain knowledge related to increasing religious literacy and cultural awareness in our communities through ING’s educational programs and presentations. Interns also receive practical training in project management, community outreach, research, writing, and other administrative assignments while working with our professional staff. If you’re a student looking for real-world experience, please consider interning with us!

Upcoming ING Events

Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Sacred Texts on Jerusalem:
January 28th in Los Gatos


On January 28th, ING Content Director Ameena Jandali and Rabbi Peretz Wolf-Prusan, Chief Program Officer at Lehrhaus Judaica, will co-present a special community lecture and discussion on the place of Jerusalem/Al-Quds in the Torah and Qur’an. Their presentation is part of Jewbilee 2018.

Challenging Islamophobia:
February 1st in Santa Cruz


ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will teach a course, “Challenging Islamophobia,” during the 2017-2018 Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program at the University of California Santa Cruz.

Interfaith Play on Mary/Maryam – Christian and Muslim
Perspectives on the Mother of Jesus: February 2nd in Sunnyvale


Please join our friends at the Pacifica Institute on February 2nd as they host a special performance of Mary/Maryam, an interfaith play looking at the life of Mary, the mother of Jesus, from Christian and Muslim perspectives.

Past Event Highlights

ING Joins 20,000 at San Jose Women’s March


Photo courtesy Chris Cassell/ProBono Photo

ING staff were on hand at the San Jose Women’s March over the weekend engaging with hundreds of attendees through the “Call to Action Alley”, which provided numerous opportunities to connect with civil society organizations doing important work locally and nationally. Our team was joined by a few certified INGYouth Speakers who helped showcase ING programs for interested passers-by!


Following the Women’s March, an Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) panel convened at Congregation Shir Hadash in Los Gatos to explore the points of view of female faith practitioners. Panelists highlighted notable religious leaders in their history or scripture. They also discussed traditions or scripture that may impede women’s progress, participation or engagement.


Panelists included ING Interfaith Manager Kate Chance (facilitator), Tenzin Chogkyi (Buddhist), Irene Miranda (Christian), Sheila Mohan (Hindu), Rabbi Amy Eilberg (Jewish), and ING Content Director Ameena Jandali (Muslim).

Abrahamic Religions Panel in Cupertino Asked
“What Makes Your Faith Unique?”

ifsb panel

“It’s nice to hear about all the commonalities between your faiths, but what about the differences? What is it that makes your faith unique from the others?” That’s one of the fascinating and/or difficult questions posed at Good Samaritan United Methodist Church in Cupertino, which recently hosted an Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) panel that explored how adherents of the Abrahamic religions live out their beliefs, practices, and values in the contemporary world. Panelists included ING Interfaith Manager Kate Chance (facilitator), Diane Frankle (Christian), Rabbi Amy Eilberg (Jewish), and ING Content Director Ameena Jandali (Muslim). Learn more about the IFSB here.

Interfaith Panel “An Important Part of Our Day” Say Students


The Interfaith Speakers Bureau conducted a wide-ranging discussion of the beliefs and practices of Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, and Muslims for a packed audience at a school in Hillsborough last week. One student remarked, “I loved how much respect I felt in the room. It was certainly amazing to see so many people of different religions being absolutely calm and respectful of each other and their beliefs.” Learn more about the IFSB here.

“Where Do Most of the World’s Muslims Live?”

“Where do most of the world’s Muslims live?” Our Islamic Speakers Bureau presenters ask this question to highlight the common stereotype that all Muslims are Arabs. In fact, only 15% of the world’s Muslims are Arab while 30% are South Asian. And Indonesia has the largest Muslim population in the world — 13% of the global total. Here is ING Content Director Ameena Jandali exploring those concepts while she delivers our core presentation “Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith” to a school in Larkspur. Learn more about the ISB here.