INGYouth & Parent Workshops

Schedule a workshop and training to begin the INGYouth certification process in your area! The INGYouth Program is aimed at Muslim teens between 7th and 12th grades.

See photos, videos, and news articles from past workshops here.

 Teen Empowerment Workshop

  • American Muslim youth experience in schools
  • Responding to scenarios of teasing, harassment and bullying
  • Student rights & responsibilities

INGYouth Speakers Training

  • Tools for responding to difficult questions about Islam and Muslims
  • Tools (PowerPoints) for supplementing curriculum on Islam and Muslims
  • Practice exercises for delivering presentations and answers to FAQ’s

Parent Workshop (in person or via webinar)

  • Intro to Islamophobia
  • Student rights & responsibilities
  • Parent rights & responsibilities
  • School engagement

Please contact our Deputy Director Ishaq at [email protected] or 408.296.7312 x (130) for more information.