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Designed to improve the resilience and confidence of Muslim teens, the INGYouth program trains and certifies Muslim teens with skills and to counter bullying as well as to supplement education about Muslims and their faith in social studies and history classes in middle and high schools.

Listed below are the titles of the various INGYouth workshops which ING offers along with a brief description. Workshops can be held in community centers, weekend Islamic schools, and public and private schools with large Muslim populations. To schedule a workshop, complete the form at the bottom of this page. Please allow at least two weeks advance notice for scheduling.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 408-296-7312 extension 160 or email [email protected].

See photos, videos, and news articles from past workshops here.

American Muslim Speakers
Teen Empowerment Workshop
Designed for Muslim teens, this workshop provides an opportunity for students to discuss their school experiences, learn about student rights, and proactively discuss strategies for responding to religious based bullying. (2 hours)
A History of Muslims
INGYouth Speakers Training
Designed for Muslim teens, this workshop provides hands-on practice presenting about their faith and related topics using INGYouth resources including a framework for educating about Muslims, answers to frequently asked questions, and presentations about diverse topics. After this training, students can choose to go through a certification process to develop their skills even further, earn community service hours, and join a cohort of INGYouth speakers across the country. (2 1/2 hours)
Muslim Contributions
Parent Workshop
Designed for Muslim parents, this workshop describes the current climate for Muslims in the U.S., issues and specifically their impact on Muslim students, and remedies for addressing these issues including various ways to get involved in their children’s schools. (1 hour)
Muslim Women
Custom Workshop
Custom workshops can include the following components to fit the needs and schedules of your Muslim students:
  • Discussions on school experiences/ address their direct needs for accommodations
  • Training on how to respond to religious-based bullying
  • Training on how to respond to common/difficult questions about Islam and Muslims
  • Training on how to present about Muslims and their faith in presentations to students and staff

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