Diversity Training for Professional Groups

ING provides diversity training that can be included in your long-term DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) programs within your organization and for your organization’s work with diverse clients. Our trainings are specifically tailored for the following professional groups: Educators in K-12, educators in colleges and universities, corporate staff, law enforcement personnel, healthcare providers, dentists, government employees, court administrators, and non-profit organizations.

Our diversity trainings are available in one-to-four-hour formats, include exercises, and address the following topics:

  • Unconscious Bias – Sometimes called “implicit bias” training, this topic delves into the historical origins of stereotypes or assumptions we make about different racialized groups. Understanding the source helps individuals identify the stereotypes they may have, which starts them on their journey towards change. Like any ailment or problem, the solution is in the origins of the problem.

  • Impact on Communities – Addresses how centuries-old stereotypes have impacted different communities across various sectors of society, which has led to what is known as “systemic racism” in most cases. Here we look for patterns in how racism appears in our day-to-day lives. Recognizing the patterns helps individuals start the journey towards dismantling stereotypes and racism both personally and institutionally.

  • Cultural Competency:
    • What We Want You to Know About Us – Here a speaker or panelist addresses what they want the audience to know about their group based on prevailing stereotypes in society about them. For many audiences, they find this topic the most interesting and often leads to further exploration into unfamiliar cultures and communities.
    • Protocols for Interaction – Here a speaker or panelist addresses best practices for interaction based on the needs of the professional group we’re addressing.

  • Calls to Action: Countering Bias and Racism – Discusses both interpersonal and institutional calls to actions and processes for dismantling racism towards becoming an “anti-racist”: someone who is aware of their own biases and is intentionally working to change their attitude and behavior while dismantling racism in their circles of influence.

We cover the following groups in our diversity trainings:

  • Muslims, specifically Muslim Americans who are diverse in their ethnic backgrounds and may suffer discrimination due to intersections of religion, race, gender, and immigration status.
  • Interreligious panel that includes Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, and Hindu Americans speaking together on the panel.
  • Interethnic/intercultural panel that includes Muslim, Jewish, African, Indigenous, Latino/Hispanic, and Asian Americans speaking together on the panel.

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