Join us for “Roots of Islamophobia in Anti-Blackness” and other events

Happy New Year, everyone!
Wishing you a 2019 full of joy and peace

Start your year right by joining us at these upcoming ING events

Roots of Islamophobia in Anti-Blackness: January 10 in Santa Cruz

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will deliver a special seminar on Islamophobia in America for the Diversity & Inclusion Certificate Program at the University of California Santa Cruz. To book a presentation about Muslims, visit our site or visit our online Islamophobia powerpoint.

Jewbillee Interfaith Panel on Food: January 13 in Los Gatos

ING Civic and Community Engagement Coordinator Raania Mohsen will join an interfaith panel co-hosted by Silicon Valley Interreligious Council and the Jewish Community Center of Los Gatos that will feature a dynamic conversation exploring food across faiths. This will be one of many sessions at the JCC’s Annual Jewbilee: A Day of Jewish Learning. This year’s theme is “Food for Thought,” focusing on the significance of food in Jewish and other faith traditions.

Developing Cultural Competency Seminars for Law Enforcement Officers: January series in Santa Clara

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will present a series of cultural diversity seminars for local police departments. The purpose will be to increase awareness, enhance cultural competency skills, and develop relationships with American Muslim communities. If you’re a police officer and are interested in attending any of the seminars, write to [email protected]. To book a cultural diversity seminar, go here.

Pluralism and Shared Values Among Religions: January 16 in Seattle

In this panel discussion, representatives of major world religions will discuss the values they share with one another and explain how each of their traditions is able to adhere to its convictions while taking a positive and respectful stance toward the diverse beliefs of others. This panel will take place via webinar for a senior residence in Seattle.

Women and Religion: January 24 in Delaware

In history, religions have sometimes promoted and sometimes limited the rights and power of women. In this panel, adherents of major world religions discuss the ways that their faith has impacted and does impact women both negatively and positively and how religion can affirm and support women as they seek equality and freedom. This panel will take place via webinar for a private high school in Delaware.

Past ING Events

American Muslim Priorities in Service to the American Public

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi (seated on the right) with Pacifica members
ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi shared ING’s work in education and interfaith engagement with about 150 members of the Pacifica Institute at their annual retreat in Concord. Both Pacifica and ING share a vision of serving the American public in the interfaith outreach work they each do. Maha also answered questions about growing up as a Muslim in the United States and the value of Islamic schooling that is rooted in a theology of pluralism.

Students Learn About Muslim Contributions Throughout History

Supplementing world history curriculum, ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan presented to a middle school highlighting the contributions of Muslim civilization from the medieval period to the present. He focused on a variety of areas, from art, literature, philosophy, and architecture to cuisine, clothing, and furniture and described the impact of these contributions not only in regions where Muslims were the majority but also where Muslims were key trading partners in Europe and beyond. To book a presentation about Muslim Contributions, go here.

Students Question Islamophobia and Learn About American Muslims

Supplementing world history curriculum, ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan presented basic terminology and Muslim demographics all over the world to a middle school. He spent most of the time answering students’ thoughtful questions about Islamophobia, Muslim women, and personal religious practice. To book a presentation, go here.

Students Assigned to Challenge
Islamophobia for Their Social Studies Class

Supplementing studies at a San Francisco school on discrimination in the United States, ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali addressed Islamophobia and its sources and consequences as well as the history of American Muslims and their faith. A week later, we received an email from the school teacher saying, “Thank you again for stopping by, my students were really interested in your presentations and are still asking me information about it… I really appreciate the time you have given our community – it really resonated with all of us!” To book a presentation about American Muslims, go here.