Maha Elgenaidi Editorial Published at Huffington Post

Face-to-face Interaction is Key to Changing Misperceptions of American Muslims

A new editorial by ING Trustee Maha Elgenaidi, recently published at the Huffington Post, explains the value of ING’s work in bringing audiences face-to-face with American Muslims, and the changes in misperceptions that can result:

A long series of sociological studies, starting with research undertaken to support the racial integration of troops in World War II, shows the effectiveness of dialogue and education based on the “contact hypothesis,” which posits that interactions between disparate groups (provided those interactions are positive) serve to break down barriers and in time, forge friendships.[Continue reading at the Huffington Post]

In addition to maintaining a collection of Muslim voices speaking out against ISIS, we’ve just completed an FAQ for public use. We address many of the topics of concern surrounding ISIS and their violent criminality. Visit our new ISIS FAQs.

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Bullying Prevention Guide

Between 1 in 4 and 1 in 3 U.S. students say they have been bullied at school. For Muslim students, the rate is 1 in 2.

In recognition of this growing problem, Islamic Networks Group (ING) and its affiliated partner, the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC), and with the support of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), is pleased to provide a new Bullying Prevention Guide for parents, educators and community members.

Visit INGYouth Program to see the list of upcoming Youth Empowerment workshops addressing Islamic literacy and Bullying Prevention.

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ING Presentations in Florida and Berkeley



In the past two weeks, our speakers interacted with a total audience of over 720 students and teachers. On Thursday, October 2, ING speakers representing the five major world faiths delivered a panel on “Shared Values” to a group of students in Florida via webinar.

A panel of ING speakers representing the five world religions spoke on to a class at the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology on the topic of pluralism. After the presentation, a Q&A session included questions about ISIS, extremism, and theology.

Last weekend, ING Trustee Maha Elgenaidi presented on a panel called “Technology, Gaza, and Perception: A Human Response to Human Suffering” at the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference.

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