Make a difference in how Muslim children are viewed

The best charity is that given in Ramadan. (Al-Tirmidhi)


As a valued supporter, I am writing to personally invite you to ING’s Ramadan Dinner this year on Sunday, July 13, which is being hosted by the Muslim Community Center in Pleasanton. Details of the event are included below.

If you live outside the area, or are unable to make it to the event, then please consider making ING a priority in your Ramadan giving for the following reasons that show how your donations are at work, and the impact of your support in the community.

ING continues to speak directly (face-to-face) and effectively to large audiences through our affiliates:

In the San Francisco Bay area for example,

  • Over the two academic years 2012-2014, ING has delivered presentations to 688 groups, reaching an audience of around 34,400 . Seventy percent of these were presentations about Muslims and their faith, while 30% were interfaith panels where we speak alongside Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists.
  • Surveys of attitudes toward Islam and Muslims given before and after ING presentations demonstrate ING’s effectiveness in changing perceptions by factors of up to 80%.

Among the results of our surveys is a dramatic decrease in the credibility of the stereotyped view of Islam as oppressive to women:

  • The percentage of those who believe that Islam promotes the oppression of women fell by 75%.
  • The percentage of those who think Muslims “view women as inferior” fell by 80%.

The stereotype of Muslims as violent or intolerant is likewise diminished:

  • The percentage of those who believe Islam promotes violence/terrorism fell by 70%.
  • The percentage of those who believe Islam promotes peace rose by 33%.
  • The percentage of those who believe Islam is intolerant of other religions fell by 47%.

In similar fashion, ING presentations lead students to see Muslims as ordinary Americans:

  • The percentage of those who see Muslims as “Americans like myself” rose by 54%.
  • The percentage of those who think Muslims are “not true Americans” fell by 52%.
  • The percentage of those who recognize that Muslims “have long been part of American history” rose by 54%.

Our content continues to be considered highly relevant and our speakers highly effective:

  • 93% of educators rate ING content as “Excellent” or “Good” in its relevancy.
  • 96% of educators rated ING speakers highly effective at conveying content.

Our online curricula are spreading throughout the US and Canada:

  • Teachers from 22 states, one US territory (the Virgin Islands), and three Canadian provinces have downloaded at least one of ING’s online curricula on Muslims and world religions, thereby reaching at least 26,000 students throughout North America. We need to expand this outreach.

Our work in education and interfaith engagement has proven to make a difference in how Muslim children are viewed in this world, now and for the future. Our work also prevents bias and discrimination against Muslims.

To read the full report, go to

Help us continue to create new and relevant content on Islam and Muslims for use by educators as well as other professional groups, and expand our reach and impact. Consider donating to ING today.

May Allah reward you immeasurably during this sacred month of Ramadan.

Thank you,

Maha Elgenaidi
Trustee and incoming Board Chair

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