2014 Ramadan Campaign

This Ramadan, we’re bringing you video messages from teachers and our speakers, as well as a series written by the ING staff on First Principles of Religion. Below, you’ll find links to previous notes this Ramadan. They’re perfect for catching up! Please remember us in your giving this Ramadan season.

thumb29ING Reaches Hundreds of Thousands
This note was the announcement of the release of our 2012-2014 Impact Report, which demonstrates the impact of our work in the community over the past two years. We included numerous findings about our effectiveness and growing reach. Click on image for note.


thumb26How Do Muslims Pose A Threat to Hate Groups?
This interview with Paul Spitzmueller, a local high school teacher, explained the importance of ING’s Interfaith Speakers Bureau. His students have benefitted greatly from face-to-face interactions with ING speakers of different faiths. Click on image for video and note. 


thumb28 Ramadan Mubarak!
In this note, we conveyed Ramadan greetings to those observing it, and shared parts of our Impact Report focused on the power of face-to-face interactions. Click on image for note. 



thumb27Ramadan 2014: Reclaiming the Sacred
This was the kickoff of our First Principles of Religion project for Ramadan; starting with an editorial by Maha Elgenaidi that was published in Patheos and Huffington Post. Look for a series of notes on the subject which will serve as a reminder of the objectives of religion and the urgent need for interfaith cooperation in attaining them. Click on image for note. Click on image for note.


thumb25Do Muslim American Women Play Soccer? Sure!
In this note, we brought you a video profile of Asma Ghori, a long-time member of ING’s Islamic Speakers Bureau and full-time mother. She speaks about how her presence in classrooms immediately breaks down stereotypes about American Muslims. Click on image for video and note.


thumb30Respect for Life: First Principles of Religion
This was the starting entry in our First Principles of Religion series. It focused on “Respect for Life”, and the imperative for companionship, community, and love in all the world’s religious traditions. It also included interfaith holy scripture verses concerned with respect for life. Click on image for note.


thumb31“I joined ING for my kids to feel comfortable being Muslim and American.”
Nora Talebi, a pharmacist and mother, has been an ING Speaker for a very long time. In this video, she talks about how her work changes perceptions and helps her own children thrive in a society that is aware of their faith. Click on image for video and note.


thumb33Make a difference in how Muslim children are viewed
ING founder and incoming Board Chair Maha Elgenaidi offered her personal appeal for Ramadan in this newsletter, citing numerous examples of ING’s impact in changing attitudes and dispelling stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Click on image for note.


thumb34“I was blown away by the quality of ING!”
San Jose State University professor Linda Levine has requested ING panels for many years. In this video, she talks about the value of these panels, their effects on her students, and some of the most illuminating exchanges between representatives of different faiths. Click on image for video and note. 


thumb35Coming in from the Cold: Pew Survey Reveals Continuing Icy Attitudes Toward Muslims
A new Pew Research Center survey showed that Americans continue to view American Muslims in a generally negative light. We authored this editorial on the Huffington Post blog to explain the survey and how our work ties into changing those negative perceptions.Click on image for note.


thumb36An ING client sees first-hand how we change perceptions and attitudes:
Helena Miller-Fleig, an educator at St. Ignatius College Prepartory School, has requested ING panels for many years and at numerous schools. She even joined our Interfaith Speakers Bureau, and now regularly attends her own panels. Click on image for video and note.


thumb37ING Statement On Recent Anti-Jewish and Anti-Muslim Attacks
ING, in line with the principles of justice advocated by all our religious traditions, rejects notions of collective guilt and collective punishment. We released a statement about recent violence against Jews in France and Muslims in Brooklyn, among other parts of the globe. Click on image for note.


thumb38First Principles of Religion: Respect for Human Dignity, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Religion
Continuing our First Principles of Religion series, we wrote on the topics of Respect for Human Dignity, Freedom of Expression, and Freedom of Religion, along with verses from five faith traditions for each principle. Click on image for note. 


thumb388First Principles of Religion: The Golden Rule
To wrap up the First Principles of Religion series, we cited numerous examples of holy texts reminding us to treat others as we would like to be treated. This principle is often known as the Golden Rule, and appears throughout the world’s religious texts. Click on image for note.


thumb39Eid Mubarak from ING!
As we end the sacred month of Ramadan, we also want to remind ourselves of the many lessons of Ramadan that we hope will stay with us throughout the rest of the year. We wish everyone Eid Mubarak! Click on image for note.