“Meet a Muslim” and Other Ways to Address Islamophobia in Your Community

Facilitated by Interfaith Coordinator Kate Chance on different methods of combatting Islamophobia in our communities. Mona Haydar, Catherine Orsborn, Moina Shaiq, Shakila Ahmad, and Ameena Jandali focused on tips for “Meet a Muslim” events, “Open Mosque” forums, ways those of other faith traditions can be an effective ally to the Muslim community, and ways to respond to frequently asked questions about Muslims.


Kate Chance and Ameena Jandali, Islamic Networks Group

Islamophobia FAQs https://ing.org/frequently-asked-questions-about-islamophobia/

Muslim American FAQs https://ing.org/top-100-frequently-asked-questions-about-muslims-and-their-faith/

Kate’s article on being an ally to the Muslim community http://www.patheos.com/blogs/altmuslim/2017/01/10-ways-effective-ally-muslim-community/

Mona Haydar and Sebastian Robins

Guide to Meet a Muslim events http://thewhitestone.org/site/solution-idea/meet-muslim-combating-stereotypes-one-person-time

Shakila T Ahmad, Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati and BRIDGES of Faith Trialogue resources

Powerpoint presentation used during Meet a Muslim events

Ten things you can do for the Muslim community

Islamophobia-not in our community!

FAQ on Islam

Catherine Orsborn, Shoulder to Shoulder