Building a More Inclusive and
Equitable America

Who We Are

We’re Americans of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds working together towards peace in our country and around the world.

Our Team

What We Do

Our mission is to promote peace among all, by fostering a deeper, more nuanced understanding of Muslims and other faith-based, racial/ethnic, and cultural communities, through teaching, learning, and engaging across differences.


We support educators and trainers with speakers and online curriculum

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We train educators and trainers about diverse populations

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We provide opportunities for people of all backgrounds to engage with one another

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How We Do It

Tailored Content

We tailor our presentations and panels for each audience group. No two ING presentations or events are alike.

Expert Speakers

We select speakers who represent their communities through their identification with and active membership in community organizations.

Professional Development

We train educators and trainers to train their co-workers and add to their internal Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion policies.

Online Resources

We produce content that supplements existing courses or curriculum and addresses contemporary issues.

Working to Make a Difference

Based on surveys and evaluations by requesters of our programs,
this percentage of them report the following


report ING content is relevant, and fulfills their needs and expectations.


give high ratings to our speakers’ skills in knowledge, delivery, and effectiveness.


report high rates of satisfaction with our presentations and panels.

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Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes

Monday, December 5th, 2022

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Supporting an Inclusive Workplace

Thursday, December 8th, 2022

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Interfaith Panel: Living the Faith

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022

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Islamophobia and Its Impact

Thursday, January 5th, 2023

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Classroom Curriculum: America, Muslims, and the NYC Islamic Center; 9/24/10

In light of the political environment surrounding the NYC Islamic center (Park51), and escalating Islamophobic events all across the nation, ING has received requests for teaching tools and curriculum. We recommend the following programs: Read More

Thank you for Attending ING’s Annual Supporters’ Dinner/ING President Meets Dalai Lama; 10/22/10

Thank you for Attending ING’s Annual Supporters’ Dinner! ING’s Annual Supporter’s Dinner on Saturday October 9th featured interfaith entertainment, a video clip about ING’s work and a notable panel discussing the future of Islam in the U.S. Read More

ING Supports Department of Education Actions on Harassment and Bullying

10/26/10- Good news! Around the time of the start of the current school year, ING had repeatedly urged the Department of Education to send a notice to schools nationwide that would reinforce policies against harassment and bullying. We were very concerned about the impact of the NYC Islamic Center controversy… Read More
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Listening to Those We Serve

The entire experience of planning a series of seminars with ING was inspirational. They did an amazing job. The ING team welcomed input along the way which allowed each session to be even better than the one before it. We will continue to work with ING as I am confident that they will continue to provide value in our work.

City Human Resources Director

I thought the ING seminar, “Preventing and Responding to Anti-Muslim Bigotry,” was an extremely valuable training for law enforcement, especially in today’s day and age with all the misunderstandings and misperceptions of the Muslim community…I feel this training will help my staff and I in developing better relationships and in responding to the needs of our community. I highly recommend this training to others.

Police Captain

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