Past Events – September 2019

In fulfillment of ING’s mission of promoting peace among all by fostering a deeper, more nuanced understanding of Muslims and other faith-based, racial/ethnic, and cultural communities, through teaching, learning, and engaging across differences, here are highlights of prominent events during this month.

Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) Events

9/17: Bullying Prevention and Education: Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish Students in NY via Webinar

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali, Karen Stiller from the Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco, and Inderpreet Kaur from the Sikh Coalition speaking to SUNY Oneonta students studying education.

Each of the presenters described the prevalence of bullying and other challenges faced by students in these groups and presented strategies to prevent bullying and create inclusive classrooms.

9/16: Faith Communities, Mental Health, and Substance Abuse in San Jose

From left to right, Laurie Schlaepfer, Harry Cornbleet, and ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi speaking during a Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Board Committee meeting.

Panelists addressed connections between spirituality and mental health and discussed ways to support their community members on issues such as suicide, substance abuse, depression and other mental health issues.

9/14: Annual State of the City Event in Sunnyvale

From left to right, ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan, Joy Aspenall, Sunnyvale Mayor Larry Klein, and ING Program’s Associate Michelle Galecki at ING’s booth.

People attending the event discussed their visions of a world of interfaith harmony and wrote down their ideas of ways they can make those visions reality.

9/12: Separation of Church and State in Mountain View

From left to right, Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian, Sheila Mohan, Rabbi Melanie Aron, Tenzin Chogkyi, Rev. George Anne McDonnell, and ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi speaking to audiences at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts.

On this panel co-sponsored by the City of Mountain View, panelists addressed the principle of separation of church and state in their religious communities and how it has played out in various nations around the world and here in the United States as it impacts them. The lively hour and half panel also addressed specific religious freedom cases by the United States Supreme Court that included provocative issues such as The Culture Wars.

9/8: Shared Values Among Faiths in Kenwood

An audience member asking a question to panelists, ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali, Helena Miller-Fleig, Madhu Kopalle, and Bat Sheva Miller.

This panel was the first of a three-part Sonoma County interfaith panel series at St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church in Kenwood. The requester of the panel remarked, “Thank you so much for the wonderful panel discussions today. The attendees were so impressed especially by each panelist’s authenticity…Thank you for giving people in our area such a wonderful experience.”

9/6: Compassionate Conversations: Growing into Forgiveness in Soquel

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi with teachers from the Buddhist, Jewish, and Christian traditions during an interfaith retreat at the Land of Medicine Buddha in Soquel.

Maha spoke on forgiveness in Islam where she highlighted God’s names that reflect the topic as well as prophetic teachings on forgiveness.

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Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) Events

9/26: Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith in San Jose

ING Speaker Ismael Nass-Duce and ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan speaking to high school students in San Jose.

Students were very engaged and asked many questions, especially about the basic beliefs and daily practices of American Muslims.

9/19: Countering Islamophobia and Other Bigotries and Their Impact on Marginalized Communities in Palo Alto

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi presenting for members of the Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto.

Over the course of the presentation, Maha touched on the roots of Islamophobia and other bigotries including the history and impact of knowledge creation under colonialism and slavery, old and neo-orientalism, xenophobia, and internalized bigotry. She concluded with calls to action to counter prejudice and hate while building an inclusive society based on mutual understanding and solidarity.

9/13: Overview of ING’s Know Your Neighbor Campaign and Opportunities for Collaboration in Daly City

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan standing alongside representatives from various community and governmental organizations at Daly City ACCESS.

Ishaq spoke about ING’s programs with a focus on our Know Your Neighbor (KYN) campaigns and local events. During the presentation, participants addressed their reflections on their American identity from our Know Your Neighbor: Share Your American story campaign. To learn more about KYN, visit our site.

9/5: National Day of Prayer for Faith, Hope, and Life in San Mateo

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan speaking at the San Mateo County Interfaith National Day of Prayer for Faith, Hope, and Life.

Ishaq addressed the important role that people of faith play in providing services for mental health needs in their communities. He referenced Qur’anic verses that Muslims use to strengthen their health while also insisting upon the importance of professional care such as that provided by the Khalil Center in the Bay Area Muslim community. Finally, he spoke on the need to remove the stigma of those struggling with their mental health.

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INGYouth Events

Click here to see a 1-minute video of pictures from the INGYouth workshops below.

9/26: INGYouth Workshop in Ohio via Webinar

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan delivering this workshop via webinar for youth at Toledo Islamic Academy in Ohio.

Ishaq spoke about the value of educating about one’s faith to others to create mutual respect and harmony and provided tips to do so.

9/25: INGYouth Workshop in Oakland

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan delivering this workshop at West Oakland Middle School.

Ishaq spoke to Muslim students at an East Bay high school about their school experiences and ways to counter bullying. During the workshop, the students had a fruitful discussion on the many ways they can respond to situations of teasing, harassment, or bullying and were provided with additional recommendations from ING.

9/24: INGYouth Speakers Training in El Cerrito

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan delivering this training at El Cerrito High School.

In this speakers training, students discussed how to address questions about Muslims and Islam and deliver presentations in their classrooms.

9/22: INGYouth Workshop and Parent Workshop in San Francisco

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan speaking to teens at the San Francisco Islamic School (SFIS).

Ishaq spoke about their school experiences and discussed student rights in schools and tips on educating about their faith. At the same time ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali spoke to parents on similar topics. The presentation was well received with parents asking many comments and questions.

9/8: INGYouth Speakers Picnic in Fremont

INGYouth Speakers eating and playing games.

A few of the INGYouth Speakers came together for a picnic filled with games, food, and other activities to get to know each other.

9/8: INGYouth Workshop in Richmond

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan speaking with weekend Islamic school students at Masjid al-Rahman.

Ishaq asked about their experiences of being Muslim in their schools, both positive and negative.

9/6 & 9/13: INGYouth Speakers Training and Teen Empowerment Workshop in San Jose

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan speaking to Muslim students at Evergreen Islamic Center (EIC).

Ishaq asked about their experiences in school and discussed students rights in addition to how to respond to situations of bullying. This workshop was part of a series to certify teens to become INGYouth Speakers.

9/5: INGYouth Speakers Training in Santa Clara

ING Bay Area Director Ishaq Pathan speaking to students at Granada Islamic School about how they can counter Islamophobia through education.

Through the INGYouth speaker training, Ishaq provided concrete tips and resources that students could use when discussing Muslims and Islam to their friends and communities.

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