Praises for ING’s Interfaith Panel

ING Speakers Bureau Panel Wins Plaudits from Corporate Group:
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From left to right, Karen Stiller, Maha Elgenaidi, and George Anne McDonnell present “Living the Faith”


ING Interfaith Speakers — Maha Elgenaidi (Muslim), George Anne McDonnell (Christian) and Karen Stiller (Jew) — got an enthusiastic response to the panel on “Living the Faith” they presented to dozens of employees of a San Francisco-based financial services corporation. In addition to around 50 attendees in San Francisco, several dozen employees from other corporate offices around the country attended online.

The panel, discussing how people negotiate following the precepts and practices of their faith in the midst of a busy life in today’s world, was rated “excellent” by all those who filled out evaluations. The Muslim Squares Association at Square, Inc. that requested the event, reported that at least a dozen people sent messages on how “awesome and informative” the panel was.

That all the presenters were women on this particular panel greatly impressed the audience, as did the fact that each of the speakers addressed the issue of female religious leadership as well as that of bigotry in the forms of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. One audience member wrote, “It was wonderful to hear three people together confirm that the guiding principles in all faiths are morality and loving your neighbor.” Another commented, that, “while they all had much in common, I appreciated the differences also being expressed with openness, honesty and courage.” The head of the Muslim Squares affinity group reported, “I’m already receiving multiple requests to host more interfaith events next year, so thank you for setting the bar high!”

To hold an interfaith panel at your corporation:

Consider holding a similar panel at your workplace, via the web, or in-person in the Bay Area. The Interfaith Speakers’ Bureau speaks on a variety of topics. To schedule a panel, write to ING program associate Michelle Galecki at [email protected] or go online at this page.

Panels are available free of charge thanks to the support of several community foundations and our donors, but a donation to the organization is always welcome.