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Listed below are the titles of the various panel topics which ING offers along with a brief description. To schedule a panel, click on a ‘Schedule’ button and select your panel. Please allow two weeks advance notice for scheduling, and at least 60 minutes for a panel to allow time for questions and answers.

Because all of our speakers are volunteers who take time from their busy schedules to speak, we generally limit the number of panels to three per school location on a given day and no more than twice per semester at one school. We encourage you if possible to combine classes or to arrange an assembly for our panels in order to provide maximum attendance of your students.

If your request is less than two weeks away or if you have questions about our online scheduling system, please feel free to contact us at 408-296-7312 extension 160 or email [email protected].

Living the Faith
Multi-Faith Panel: Living the Faith
How do adherents of different religions implement and live their beliefs, practices, and values in the busy life they lead in the San Francisco Bay area? In this panel discussion, panelists answer that question by drawing on their own understanding and experiences. Among the topics addressed are how religions influence everyday life, how people make room in their daily schedule for the demands of their religion, and how they negotiate possible tensions between religious practice and their working and living environments. (60 – 120 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grades 9, 10, 11, 12schedule
Shared Values
Multi-Faith Panel: Shared Values Among Faiths
Religions and cultures differ, but all the major world religions share key values. This panel focuses on the human and ethical values the different religious traditions share with one another. This panel illustrates the possibility, and indeed the necessity, for diverse religions to join together in a common effort for a more harmonious and peaceful world. (60 – 120 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grades 7, 10schedule
Multi-Faith Panel: Religion and Extremism
Various forms of fundamentalism and extremism pose a problem in all religious traditions and communities. This panel addresses the forms that extremism and fundamentalism take in their traditions and how their communities meet the challenge posed by such distortions of their beliefs. (60 – 120 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grades 11schedule
Multi-Faith Panel: Religion and Pluralism
How do different religions view the beliefs and practices of other faiths? Is adherence to one religious tradition compatible with respect for the many other religious traditions and convictions in our world? This panel address these questions and panelists explain how each of their traditions is able to adhere to its convictions while taking a positive and respectful stance toward the diverse beliefs of others. (60 – 120 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grades 11, 12schedule
Multi-Faith Panel: Separation of Church and State
The relations between religious institutions and state power have been a source of controversy and conflict throughout human history. This panel addresses the different ways that various religious communities have interacted with the state in history and currently, demonstrating that all traditions can respect the independence and impartiality of government and that a secular state need not be a threat to religion. (60 – 120 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grade 7, 8, 11schedule
Multi-Faith Panel: Religion and Environmental Concerns
Environmental degradation and climate change have become major global concerns that threaten human existence on this planet. While environmental issues are a new concern in the form they present themselves today, religious traditions have long addressed the question of how humanity relates to and interacts with the environment. This panel highlights each religion’s teachings about conservation and environmental preservation. (60 – 120 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grade 11schedule
Muslim-Jewish Relations in the U.S. – Living in the Shadow of the Middle East Conflict
This panel aims at shifting Muslim-Jewish American conversations away from the Middle East conflict towards common interests as Americans, addressing topics such as anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and the challenge of maintaining a religious identity as two of the largest religious minorities in the country. (55 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grades 9, 10schedule
Bullying Prevention and Education: Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish Students
This panel for middle and high schools give students an understanding of some of their peers from minority groups who are harassed 50% more often than others. The panel provides an overview of Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish cultures, and highlights the consequences of bullying and the importance of working together to prevent bullying. This panel is available for assemblies only. (60-120 minutes)
Relevant to Content Standards for Grades 7-12schedule
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Custom Panel
This panel allows you to pick a specific focus that is not included above. Once you select this panel, we will contact you to discuss the details of your custom panel.