Covenants Between Muslims and Christians

This discussion is the first in a series ING is presenting between Muslims and other communities of faith to learn more about each other and foster warmer relations near holidays. Accompanying each event will be lesson plans for educators and community organizers.

Related subject areas: Christian-Muslim relations, interreligious studies, religious pluralism, major world religions, religious holidays, interfaith

We invite you to watch ING’s Winter holiday panel on the significance of Christmas, Christian-Muslim relations, and a series of historical Covenants sent by the Prophet Muhammad (570-632) to Christian communities across the Middle East or Western Asia. These Covenants or agreements ensured that Christians and Muslims could practice their respective religions in peace and security, rights that were also extended to Jews, Zoroastrians, and others.


  • John Andrew Morrow, PhD (Muslim), author of The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World
  • Sister Marianne Farina, PhD (Christian), Professor at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology
  • Zachary Markwith, PhD (Facilitator), Education Director at ING

We have also developed a lesson plan on the Covenants, which includes guiding questions, writing activities, appendices with two covenants, and additional resources. Teachers and students are encouraged to compare the religious freedoms contained in the Covenants with those in the US Bill of Rights and the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

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