Muslim Relations with Other Religious Communities

ING is presenting a series between Muslims and other communities of faith to learn more about each other and foster warmer relations near holidays. Accompanying each event will be lesson plans for educators and community organizations. We started our first of the series during Advent on Muslim-Christian relations by looking at historical covenants between the Prophet of Islam and early Christians.

Educating Ourselves: Expanding the Muslim American Experience Beyond the Immigrant Story

ING conducted the following educational webinars about Muslim African Americans, featuring notable imams, academics, and activists, for our ING family of donors, affiliates, and speakers. These Facebook Live webinars not only address the history and richness of Muslim African American life and the contributions of Muslim African Americans to Islam in America, but also discuss how anti-black racism plays out among Muslim Americans and how it is directly related to Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry against other marginalized groups such as Asians and Latinx.

Solidarity in a Time of Crisis: Standing with Marginalized Communities

This is a two-part Intercultural Speakers Bureau panel series that addressed racism and inequalities that were revealed by COVID-19, especially as it impacted Asian Americans, African Americans, and Latinx/Hispanic communities.

Spirituality in a Time of Crisis

COVID-19 has affected all of us in ways that we would not have imagined just a few months ago. As we all work to cope with this challenge, we offered a three-part series titled Spirituality in a Time of Crisis. This interfaith series, featuring female religious leaders as panelists in recognition of Women’s History Month in March, discussed how to take a step back, reflect, and understand not only our current situation and the world outside but also ourselves and those we love.