“Solidarity in a Time of Crisis: Standing with Marginalized Communities”

Two-Part Intercultural Speakers Bureau Panel Series

The Other Tragedy of COVID-19 – Scapegoating Asian-Americans!

This series, in partnership with Chinese for Affirmative Action (CAA) and the San Jose/Silicon Valley NAACPdemonstrates how to show our solidarity with marginalized communities during COVID-19.

The Asian American Community is Hurting: How You Can Take Action

We have all seen media reports documenting the spike in violence and discrimination against our fellow Americans of Asian descent, and the FBI has warned that we have not seen the worst of it. It is time for Americans to ask ourselves: will we sit by as rampant bigotry is unleashed upon these communities? Join ING and CAA for our first panel in a two-part series where we hear from Asian American and faith leaders about the urgent issues facing the Asian American community in the wake of COVID-19, and how you can take steps in your sphere of influence to combat them.

Systemic Racism and Inequalities Revealed by COVID-19

When examining discrimination and inequalities in our society, including a spike in anti-Asian hate incidents, and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on communities of color, especially African Americans, we often wonder: How did we get here? Do the stories we see reflect only a recent surge in fear of “the other” and in societal inequalities, or are they rooted in something that goes much deeper in our history? Join ING, CAA, and the NAACP for our second panel in a two-part series in which diverse community leaders will break down the common roots and interconnections of the various forms and targets of bigotry and systemic racism in US history and will present calls to action to counter it.

Speakers: Maha Elgenaidi (Executive Director, Islamic Networks Group), Cynthia Choi (Co-Executive Director, Chinese for Affirmative Action), Dr. Hien Do (Professor, San Jose State University), Jeff Moore (President, Silicon Valley/San Jose NAACP), Kaloma Smith (Pastor, University AME Zion Church), Melanie Aron (Rabbi, Congregation Shir Hadash). Facilitator: Ishaq Pathan (Bay Area Director, Islamic Networks Group).

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