Imagine our community without ING and its affiliates

Amplify voices of Muslims and their allies in countering bigotry in neighborhoods across the country

Salam alaikum/Greetings of peace,

A week doesn’t go by without requests for Muslim speakers or interfaith panels from schools and universities, houses of worship, and civic, community, and professional organizations. Also contacting us are parents and school districts who are asking for anti-bullying seminars and for help for their students and children in addressing difficult issues they confront in schools.

Thank God, ING and its affiliates are here to answer these calls! Never before have we seen so many ordinary people resisting bigotry and hatred by reaching out to us, wanting to learn and teach others and be involved in our grassroots work.

Join us through your year-end gift to help us expand our peace-building work in neighborhoods across the country.

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A quick look at our impact this year

  • We provided our 20 affiliates in local cities and neighborhoods with critical media training and updated materials for their regional speakers.
  • Two hundred fifty Muslim teens and their parents were trained in bullying prevention and school participation.
  • Seventy-five Muslim teens in eight states were certified and enabled with tools as speakers in their schools.
  • Educators on university campuses and in middle and high schools in 45 states downloaded our educational content.
  • Our #KnowYourNeighbor social media campaigns reached nearly five million people across the country with videos and posts that raised awareness of cultural diversity and provided educator and community tools for teaching and engagement.
  • We expanded the reach of our work though 224 media articles in 33 states and expansion of our social media reach that brought 50% growth in web traffic to, where we have answers to over 200 questions about Islam and Muslims and other educational content about Islam and other world religions and their adherents.
  • In the Bay Area, just this fall, we fulfilled 230 requests for in-person presentationspanels, and seminars free of charge at schools, universities, corporations, houses of worship, community groups, and public events, reaching 15,000 people.
  • Our Bay Area Muslim-Jewish Connect initiative also hosted 12 community events that brought together Muslims and Jews in a spirit of friendship and service.

Next year will mark our 25th anniversary of countering Islamophobia and other forms of bigotry. With our multifaith allies and partners, we’re working hard to keep our communities hate-free through education and interreligious engagement. Join us through your support today.

Maha Elgenaidi
Executive Director