ING at the White House | January Parent/Educator Webinars

Know Your Neighbor Initiative Launch



At a high-profile White House convening ceremony today, ING joined a group of fifteen leading civil rights and faith-based organizations to launch the Know Your Neighbor (KYN) initiative, aimed at elevating the dialogue on religious pluralism in America. Despite our religiously diverse country, few Americans know much about any faith other than their own, and the coalition will work together to reinvigorate American traditions of inclusion, freedom, and cooperation among those with different beliefs. Know Your Neighbor seeks to protect and strengthen the fabric of one of the most religiously diverse countries in the world by acknowledging that our strength is derived from understanding and collaborating with each other.

Meet Your Muslim Neighbor Program

Dovetailing the Know Your Neighbor initiative is our highly-anticipated Meet Your Muslim Neighbor program (“Interfaith Allies”) launching this Monday (12/21) with a visioning meeting at the ING office in San Jose. The need for an initiative to Meet Your Muslim Neighbor became clear in the past few months as many members of the public approached us with a simple question: “How do I meet Muslims for dialogue and learn more about their faith and experiences?”

Meet Your Muslim Neighbor answers that question by connecting American Muslims with people who desire to truly know their neighbors. To join the program, contact Deputy Director-Programs Sean Rose ([email protected]) for more information, and connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about this and ING’s other programs.


Launching ING Webinars for Parents and Educators:
Addressing Muslim Student Needs and Educator Resources on Islam


These are difficult times for American Muslims and many other minority communities. This recent article about the impact of anti-Muslim prejudice on young people, is a sobering example. Through close collaboration with the Muslim community and interfaith allies, we developed our successful INGYouth Program, with resources such as our Bullying Prevention Guide among the most visited pages on our site. Our Speakers continue to be busier than ever, with parents and educators across the country contacting us in unprecedented numbers for resources, advice, and guidance.

In addition to our popular online resources, we are pleased to announce that ING will be convening a series of webinars launching in January 2016. The first webinar, Addressing Muslim Student Needs and Educator Resources on Islam, is free and open to parents and others working towards the full participation and safety of young people of all faiths and cultures, and will address some of the pressing issues facing American Muslim students in the wake of the San Bernardino and Paris attacks, and rising anti-Muslim sentiment.

The first webinar will be on Saturday, January 9th, 2016 and will address issues of bullying, harassment, teacher bias, and other topics impacting American Muslim students.