Join us for our 26th Anniversary Celebration! | Survey Results | Upcoming Events

Join us for our 26th Anniversary Ramadan Event:
Sunday, May 26 in Palo Alto

Join us to celebrate our 26th anniversary, learn about ING’s exciting new programs that promote intercultural understanding, empower Muslim teens, and explore ways we can jointly address and overcome common roots of bigotry. You will also have the opportunity to meet our new leadership team for the Bay Area. This event will take place on Sunday, May 26th in Palo Alto, from 7:00-9:30 pm. RSVP here.

ING in the News: Digital Detox in Ramadan

ING executive director Maha Elgenaidi was included in interviews on Muslim digital detox during Ramadan. In the article, Maha is quoted as saying: “I realized that it [social media] was taking over my free time and even interfering with my evenings when I was home with family. And that’s when I decided that I’m not going to allow it to do that.” Read the full article here.

Survey Results are in!

Thank you very much to all of you who took the time to complete our e-newsletter survey. All respondents reported reading or skimming our e-newsletters regularly with some adding a request to receive fewer emails. Based on the survey results we will continue to send our e-newsletter no more than 2x a month, or 3x if necessary due to unexpected events. If you have any further comments or suggestions, please email our Program’s Associate at [email protected].

Upcoming Events

Thursday, May 16th, 2019:
  • Overview of ING and Combating Islamophobia, Art Ventures Gallery, Menlo Park, CA. Find more information here.
Friday, May 17th, 2019:
  • Religious Diversity, Harvard Club of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA. Find more information here.
Saturday, May 18th, 2019:
  • Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith, Masjid Zakariya, Fremont, CA. Find more information here.
Tuesday, May 21st, 2019:
  • Understanding Muslim Students: Fostering an Inclusive Environment, Tenderloin Community School, San Francisco, CA. Find more information here.
Sunday, May 26th, 2019:
  • Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes, Stone Church of Willow Glen, San Jose, CA. Find more information here.
Wednesday, May 29th, 2019:
  • Sunnyvale Unity Gathering, Sunnyvale Senior Center, Sunnyvale, CA. Find more information here.
Thursday, May 30th, 2019:
  • Communi-TEA, San Jose Women’s Club, San Jose, CA. Find more information here.
If you are interested in attending any of these upcoming events, please write to [email protected].

Highlights of Past Events

ING Trained Youth and Adult Volunteers in Preparation for Upcoming Open House Event

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali and Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan delivered a workshop on how to answer frequently asked questions about Muslims and Islam at Masjid Zakariya in Fremont to volunteers for their upcoming open house. Ameena trained adult volunteers, while Ishaq worked with youth Scouts BSA volunteers. Adults and teens also had opportunities to practice responding to typical questions about Islam and Muslims. To schedule an FAQ training, please email our scheduler at [email protected].

Students Thanked ING for Clarity and Knowledge Provided on American Muslims

Supplementing school curriculum, ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi presented “Getting to Know Muslim American and Their Faith” and our “Ramadan” presentations to a high school student assembly in Los Gatos. Students thanked Maha after the presentation, saying they learned a lot about Muslims that contradicted what they see in the news, and expressed appreciation for the clarity she provided on the diversity of cultures and practices within Islam. The teachers were excited to learn about ING and committed to inviting us back to continue learning. To book a presentation on American Muslims, visit our site.

ING Presented on Diversity of American Muslims

Supplementing world history curriculum, ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi presented “Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith” to a private Catholic school in San Jose. She shared the diverse cultures and practices of American Muslims. To book a presentation on American Muslims and Islam, visit our site.

INGYouth Speakers Participated in High School Youth Interfaith Forum

INGYouth Speakers participated in a high school youth interfaith forum at the Mountain View Buddhist Temple. The program included a tour of the temple, teen presentations about their religious traditions, peer discussion on practicing religion as students, and food. INGYouth Speaker Meriem gave a presentation about the basic teachings of Islam and discussed the month of Ramadan. To join the INGYouth program, visit our site.

ING Joined Muslim Community Association’s Ramadan Green Campaign

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali presented Islam and the Environment for the Muslim Community Association as part of MCA’s Green Campaign meetings to help them make their mosque a more sustainable place while preparing for Ramadan iftars and dinners. Learn more about avoiding waste and being environmentally friendly this Ramadan here.

ING Countered Stereotypes in Religious Based Bullying Workshop

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali gave an overview of Muslims in America and Religious-Based Bullying for high school students in San Francisco. Students were eager to hear Ameena present an accurate view of Muslims that refuted the stereotypes that can lead to bullying. To book a similar presentation, visit our site.

San Francisco Middle School Students Were Excited to Learn About Ramadan

ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan spoke to a group of middle school students in San Francisco about Muslims and Islam during their health studies class. Students were energized and excited to learn about Ramadan and what modesty means for Muslims. Learn more about Ramadan with our public content here.

GTU Students Fascinated to Learn About Stories of Mary and Jesus in the Quran

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali presented “Mary in Islam” for a class on Marian art at the Jesuit School of Theology at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. The students were fascinated to hear about Muslims’ reverence for Mary and the details of the Quran’s story of the birth of Jesus. To book a similar presentation, visit our site.

ING Received Praise for Educator Seminar with Santa Clara County Office of Education

In collaboration with the History Social-Science & Civic Engagement, Multi Lingual and Humanities Department at Santa Clara County Office of Education, ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi held an educator training for division coordinators of social science and other disciplines who are working on inclusion and diversity. The requester of this training commented, “This woman is amazing – THANK YOU ING!!!!” To request a cultural competency seminar for educators, visit our site.

San Francisco General Hospital’s Sojourn Chaplaincy Expressed Appreciation for ING Presentations

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali delivered a presentation on Islamophobia to a group of chaplains and healthcare providers at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital on Monday. She described the long history that has contributed to Islamophobia today, its impact on American Muslims, and ways to overcome it, beginning with confronting one’s own biases. She also gave an overview of Ramadan and suggestions on how to support fasting patients. The requester of this presentation said, “Ameena is a wonderful presenter and gave a real gift to this community through her presentation here…[she] did an incredible job presenting a very large amount of information in a short time.” Learn more about Ramadan with our public content here.

High School Students Interviewed ING for School Project on Muslim Allyship

ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan spent time with a few students from a high school in San Francisco to discuss how they could encourage allyship towards the Muslim community. He spoke about the importance of learning about Muslims and the roots of bigotry that affects them in addition to individual and schoolwide ways to support fellow Muslim classmates.

ING Received Thanks for Joining Pluralism Sunday Program in San Francisco

ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan spoke on Islam and pluralism as part of the Pluralism Sunday program at Grace Lutheran Church in San Francisco. The facilitator noted, “Ishaq was a wonderful speaker and presence, personable, engaging, and knowledgeable. We couldn’t have asked for a better presentation!” This event was live streamed on the Pluralism Sunday website to dozens of people watching. To book an ING presentation, visit our site.
Islamic Networks Group (ING) is a non-profit organization with affiliates and partners around the country that are pursuing peace and countering all forms of bigotry through education and interfaith engagement while working within the framework of the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom and pluralism.