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We Mourn the Loss of Mahsa Amini

ING Staff September 21, 2022 Photo of Mahsa Amini via Thousands of Iranians have been protesting for the past week over the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini last Friday after she was arrested by Iranian police who enforce the country’s rules on modest dress and behavior. We offer our… Read More

ING at “United We Stand” White House Summit

September 16, 2022 Greetings of peace, We were honored to be among the invited guests at the “United We Stand” Summit at the White House on Thursday, September 15th. President Biden and Vice President Harris hosted the summit “to counter the corrosive effects of hate-fueled violence on our democracy and… Read More

How to Teach About 9/11 in a Manner that Doesn’t Lead to the Bullying of Muslim Students

September 1, 2022 As we approach the anniversary of the horrific 9/11/2001 attacks in New York City, teachers across the country prepare to teach about this tragic and heinous act. To this end we are pleased to offer resources which include various perspectives about the impact of that… Read More

ING Resources for Parents and Teachers

August 18, 2022 As students begin the new academic year, we are pleased to offer free resources for Muslim parents and allies in your community. We would appreciate your support by sharing this message with educators and others who could benefit from our work in… Read More

Shi‘i and Sunni Americans Stand in Solidarity Against Hate and the Tragic Violence in New Mexico

ING Staff August 9, 2022 Mourners at a funeral after an attack on a Shi‘i community in al-Dalwa, Saudi Arabia in 2014. Twitter/@ahmed via While relieved that an arrest was made today in the murders of four South Asian men in Albuquerque, New Mexico between November 2021 and… Read More

The Blessed Day of Arafah and Eid Al-Adha

ING Staff July 5, 2022 We are in the blessed first ten days of the Islamic month of Dhul Hijjah, a sacred time for Muslims across the world, especially those who were privileged to go on Hajj this year, including ING’s Founder Maha Elgenaidi. Hajj begins this year on… Read More

Recent Supreme Court Rulings Undermine Religious Freedoms in America

ING Interfaith Speakers Bureau July 5, 2022 Two recent Supreme Court decisions undermine the First Amendment and religious freedom in the United States. The first was Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization which overturned Roe v. Wade and the second was Kennedy v. Bremerton School District which allows… Read More

Is the City of San Jose Islamophobic?

Maha Elgenaidi [Bio] June 17, 2022 The question I ask in the title of this editorial is one which leaders of every city in the country should ask of its residents, not just regarding Islamophobia but towards all other forms of bigotry and racism… Read More

An ING Tribute to Norm Mineta

ING Staff June 17, 2022 Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic License. Our country lost a hero on May 3: Norm Mineta, a Japanese American who broke through barriers of racism and bigotry to become a champion of the rights of all people. The City of San Jose,… Read More

Learning about our White Antiracist Ancestors

Dr. Zachary Markwith, Education Director (Bio) and Dr. Henry Millstein, Content Manager and Program Analyst (Bio) May 30, 2022 Photo by John Goodwin of Abraham Joshua Heschel and Martin Luther King Jr. at Arlington National Cemetery in 1968. As we remember those who gave their lives… Read More
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