Panels and Presentations on World Religions

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“Because religion plays a significant role in history and society, study about religion is essential to understanding both the nation and the world.
Omission of facts about religion can give students the false impression that the religious life of humankind is insignificant or unimportant.
Failure to understand even the basic symbols, practices, and concepts of the various religions makes much of history, literature, art, and contemporary life unintelligible.”
— A Teacher’s Guide to Religion in the Public Schools
Published by the First Amendment Center
Dear educators,
Below is a summary of ING resources on Islam and major world religions for your classrooms and schools. Lesson plans are written in the context of social studies content standards relating to units on Islam and other religions in the states of New York, Texas, and California. All our material is designed to support inclusive school environments.
Our services are free of charge thanks to funding from local family and community foundations, including the San Francisco Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Rosenberg Foundation, and the Walter and Elise Haas Fund.
Please let me know if you have any questions regarding ING’s impressive suite of educational resources, which you can find listed below.
Ameena Jandali
Content Manager

Request an Islamic Speakers Bureau Presentation

The Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) provides education about American Muslims and their faith as a means of clarifying misconceptions and promoting mutual respect and understanding.
Topics include:
  • Getting to Know American Muslims and Their Faith
  • A History of Muslims in America
  • Muslim Contributions to Civilization
  • Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes
  • Countering Bullying with Civility, Respect, and Knowledge
  • Custom Presentation
All ISB requests can be made on our website.

Request an Interfaith Speakers Bureau Panel

The Interfaith Speakers Bureau (IFSB) provides interfaith panels made up of representatives from the five major world religions introducing their respective faith communities and discussing a variety of topics while modeling interfaith understanding and diversity.
Topics include:
  • Living the Faith
  • Shared Values Among Faiths
  • Religion and Pluralism
  • Religion and Extremism
  • The Abrahamic Faiths
  • Women and Religion
  • Peacemaking in Religion
  • Religion—What Is It Good For?
  • Religion and Environmental Concerns
  • Religious Holidays
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Muslim-Jewish Relations in the U.S. – Living in the Shadow of the Middle East Conflict
  • Bullying Prevention and Education: Muslim, Sikh, and Jewish Students
  • Custom Panel
All IFSB requests can be made on our website.

Request a Cultural Diversity Seminar

Designed for K-12 district administrators and teachers as well as faculty in colleges and schools of education, department chairs, deans and pre-service teachers, this seminar provides valuable information and resources for improving interaction with Muslim students and their families, while helping build an inclusive learning environment for all students. Use our site to request “Understanding Muslim Students: Fostering an Inclusive Environment” for your group. ING trainers can deliver the seminar in-person or via webinar.

Lesson Plans, PowerPoints, and Media
On A Variety of Important Topics

ING is pleased to make its content on American Muslims and other faith traditions available online to educators in middle and high schools, colleges, and universities. Registered educators can access these curricula at our site:

Frequently Asked Questions on Islam and Muslims

Our Frequently Asked Questions resources are for anyone seeking answers to questions about Islam and Muslims, Sharia, and other contemporary issues.


Free Online Presentations:

Due to increased demand for public education on Islam and Muslims, we’ve made many of our most popular in-person resources available as free online presentations:


Register for Anti-Bullying Webinar Series

Join ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan and special guest speakers for a series of anti-bullying webinars on Countering Islamophobia in Schools. Each webinar is 30-60 minutes long. The remaining webinars will cover:
  • Muslim Student Experiences & Peer-to-Peer Education (Wednesday, September 5th) with Dalia Mogahed and Ishaq Pathan
  • Reporting and Countering Islamophobia (Thursday, October 11th) with Zahra Billoo and Ishaq Pathan