Ramadan Round-up | Happy Birthday, America!


Happy Birthday, America!

As we celebrate this July 4th, it is a time to remember what makes this nation unique, beginning with the fact that our citizens have basic rights that they are often denied in other countries, including religious freedom and the right to practice their faith as they choose. As countries across the world, from Myanmar to Egypt show their blatant disregard for this right, we should remember to never take this and other rights for granted. It is indeed those rights that have made America a land of immigrants and opportunity.

Round-up of Ramadan Notes


This Ramadan, we’re bringing you video messages from teachers and our speakers, as well as a series written by the ING staff on First Principles of Religion. Below, you’ll find links to previous notes this Ramadan. They’re perfect for catching up! Please remember us in your giving this Ramadan season.

thumb25In this note, we brought you a video profile of Asma Ghori, a long-time member of ING’s Islamic Speakers Bureau and full-time mother. She speaks about how her presence in classrooms immediately breaks down stereotypes about American Muslims. Click on image for video and note.


thumb27This was the kickoff of our First Principles of Religion project for Ramadan; starting with an editorial by Maha Elgenaidi that was published in Patheos and Huffington Post. Look for a series of notes on the subject which will serve as a reminder of the objectives of religion and the urgent need for interfaith cooperation in attaining them. Click on image for note.


thumb28In this note, we conveyed Ramadan greetings to those observing it, and shared parts of our Impact Report focused on the power of face-to-face interactions. Click on image for note.



thumb26This interview with Paul Spitzmueller, a local high school teacher, explained the importance of ING’s Interfaith Speakers Bureau. His students have benefitted greatly from face-to-face interactions with ING speakers of different faiths. Click on image for video and note.


thumb29This note was the announcement of the release of our 2012-2014 Impact Report, which demonstrates the impact of our work in the community over the past two years. We included numerous findings about our effectiveness and growing reach. Click on image for note.


Save the Date!
ING Ramadan Dinner
Sunday, July 13

ING‘s annual Ramadan dinner will be on Sunday, July 13th at the Muslim Community Center in Pleasanton. The event will feature Bay Area scholar and activist Usama Canon and ING founder and trustee Maha Elgenaidi. They will discuss the important and timely topic of First Principles in Islam. To learn more or register see here.