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Register Now for Our Anti-Bullying Webinar Series:
August 16, September 5, and October 11

Join ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan and guest speakers for a series of anti-bullying webinars on Countering Islamophobia in Schools. The three webinars will cover:

  • Student and Parental Rights & Accommodations (Thursday, August 16th) with Habeeb Quadri, Zahra Billoo, and Ishaq Pathan
  • Muslim Student Experiences & Peer-to-Peer Education (Wednesday, September 5th) with Dalia Mogahed and Ishaq Pathan
  • Reporting and Countering Islamophobia (Thursday, October 11th) with Zahra Billoo and Ishaq Pathan

Upcoming Featured ING Events

The Current Political Moment for American Muslims:
July 23rd in San Jose

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will address the current political environment for Muslims in the United States and engage in conversation on frequently asked questions about Islam. This is the second in a special series of interactive educational discussions for the Kiwanis Club of San Jose.

What Values Do the World’s Religions Share?
July 26th in Santa Clara

The Bill Wilson Center in Santa Clara will host a special Interfaith Speakers Bureau panel on the shared values among the world’s major religions. After a brief overview of their religious communities, participants will discuss the human and ethical values they share with one another.

Teaching in Turbulent Times:
July 31st in San Rafael

ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi will deliver a keynote address at “Teaching in Turbulent Times,” a special full-day forum for educators created by Facing History and Ourselves. Attendees will engage with fellow educators on how and when to bring important current events and issues into the classroom.

Past ING Events

Yemeni Students Practice Public Speaking Skills

ING Deputy Director Ishaq Pathan delivered a public speaking workshop for Takalam (“speaking up” in Arabic), a summer leadership and digital literacy program for Yemeni, Arab, Muslim, and newcomer youth that uplifts voices for advocacy, representation, and civic engagement. For the workshop, Ishaq trained students at an Oakland high school who are creating a student film for the upcoming Arab Film Festival. They practiced public speaking skills using INGYouth resources, including our special presentation on the history of American Muslims. You can learn more about the youth speaker certification process at our site.

What Can Chaplains Do to Help Muslim Patients?

ING Content Manager Ameena Jandali delivered two seminar sessions to chaplains-in-training at the Chaplaincy Institute in Berkeley this week where participants explored Muslim traditions and practices as well as effective healthcare delivery for Muslim patients. Ameena described common issues that chaplains might encounter, such as end of life customs and rituals that may differ greatly from their own experiences. Visit our site to learn more about ING’s cultural diversity seminar for healthcare professionals.

Equitable, Inclusive Learning Environments
for All Students Don’t Create Themselves

Stanford University’s Hollyhock Fellowship gathers high school teachers who are interested in deepening and developing their content-specific instructional practices and creating equitable access and opportunities for all learners in their classrooms. At their annual conference this week, ING Executive Director Maha Elgenaidi delivered ING’s educator seminar on creating inclusive learning environments for students of all faiths and none to over 200 teachers!

Join the ING Team: Development, Speakers
Bureaus, Community Engagement

Come join the team! It’s our 25th year anniversary! We’re searching for a Development Associate to support management in planning and implementation of fundraising- and development-related activities for ING. We also need a Speakers Bureaus Manager to manage our speakers and affiliates while scheduling all requests for ING presentations, lectures, panels, and seminars. And our new Community Engagement Manager will act as liaison between faith communities, public officials, and community leaders while representing ING and leading national interfaith initiatives. Learn more about the positions and qualifications at our employment page.