Global Condemnations of ISIS/ISIL

A common criticism of Muslims globally is that they remain silent, and therefore are essentially complicit, in the face of violence, extremism, and terrorism in the name of Islam. But this is not the case at all. Often the loudest critics of extremism are the co-religionists themselves, not content to let the voices of hate dominate the discourse.

Although large news networks seldom carry these Muslim voices of peace, a simple search will turn up all manner of condemnations of those whose actions tarnish the image and teachings of Islam. Below, we offer only the tip of the iceberg of Muslims worldwide speaking out against violence and extremism. We also share the reflections of Christians who refuse to easterallow the religion of Islam be conflated with terrorists who proclaim the faith.

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Fatwas, rulings and authoritative statements against terrorism in Islam

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You wouldn’t know it from the press but moderate Muslims do denounce terrorism.

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Muslims rally outside White House condemning ISIS, terrorism

Dearborn rally protests ISIS

Muslims Worldwide Denounce ISIS Terrorism

Religious Scholars Use Social Media To Counter ISIS Interpretation Of Koran

U.S. Muslims ask why their religion’s condemnation of violence often goes unheard

Islamic scholar says ISIS perverts Islam

Islamic State ignores Prophet’s example

Local Muslims condemn terrorist acts

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Cambridge mosque calls ISIS barbaric, uncivilized

German Muslims invite all faiths to day of prayer against Islamic State

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ISIS Is Not Just Un-Islamic, It Is Anti-Islamic

Rebranding the ‘Islamic State’

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Islam’s theology of life is stronger than ISIS’ cult of death