ING Teen Fellowship

2017 ING Teen Fellows

2020-2021 ING Teen Fellows

ING is proud to offer a teen fellows program that facilitates a cohort of teenagers to make a direct impact on the work and mission of the organization. Teenagers are invited to apply to assist in INGYouth, ING Interfaith and ING Development initiatives throughout the year. Teenagers of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply.

We are currently accepting applications on a rolling basis.

Age level: 13 – 18

Location: Online & ING office, Oakland, California

Time-period: 2020 – 2021 Academic School Year

Stipend: Community service hours or academic credit (student is responsible for submitting necessary forms)

Benefits: Skills development in public speaking, marketing, social media, videography, public relations and program development, resume building, priority selection for ING Summer internships

Direct Supervisor: Ishaq Pathan, Bay Area Director

Relevant Characteristics: Creative, flexible, innovative, organized, enthusiastic about meeting new people, self-motivated

Relevant Past Experience: Public speaking competitions, school club event planning, social media familiarity, videography & photography experience, WordPress content management system familiarity

To apply, please submit the following to Bay Area Director, Ishaq Pathan at [email protected]:

  1. ING Teen Fellows Form
  2. Cover Letter (paragraph about why you are interested)
  3. Resume (name, address, contact information age, grade level, high school, and past experience)
  4. Short Essay (300 words) on one of the following:
    1. What benefits does the INGYouth program provide teenagers? How does being an INGYouth speaker enrich an average teen’s life?
    2. How do INGYouth resources enhance student’s lives? How would you improve/change them if you could?
    3. After reviewing previous Know Your Neighbor campaigns, what idea would you have for the next one? How would you go about promoting it?
    4. What motivates teenagers? More specifically, what motivates you?

Fellowship Responsibilities:

  • Participate in office projects on school breaks
  • Participate in web brainstorm and feedback sessions on ING programs & content
  • Assist in local ING events in your area
  • Assist in major ING seasonal campaigns
  • Assist in creating ING marketing materials
  • Publicize INGYouth and Interfaith materials including through social media

Questions or Concerns:

For general inquiries, email or call Ishaq Pathan, Bay Area Director at [email protected] or 408-296-7312 ext 130.