Educator and Parent Resources on Islam and Muslims

We’re Busier Than Ever with Requests
for ING Content and Speakers

ING has been receiving a higher than usual number of requests from schools and school districts for our content and speakers.

Educators and parents, here’s a summary of ING resources for your classroom curriculum and content standards relating to Muslims and their faith that will also serve to support school safety and an environment of inclusion.

All these services are free of charge, thanks to funding from local family and community foundations that include the San Francisco Community Foundation and the Walter and Elise Haas Fund.

Lesson plans, videos, and curriculum available for social studies teachers, which can be accessed directly:

Live speakers for your classroom, which educators can request online:

Live cultural competency workshops for educators and administrators, which can be requested online:

INGYouth Workshops for Muslim youth and parents:

Bullying prevention programs:

For further information, you can reach us online or by contacting the following people:

  • Programs Manager Lily Nasar can help you with our education programs: [email protected]
  • Interfaith Coordinator Kate Chance can help you with interfaith programs: [email protected]
  • INGYouth Coordinator Ishaq Pathan can help you with youth and parent workshops: [email protected]

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