Diversity Trainings for Judges | Live Presenters

February 22, 2023

DEI Trainings for Judges and Court Administrators

ING recently held trainings for Santa Clara County Courts, the Judicial Council of California’s Center for Judicial Education and Research, and the Rutter Group’s Eliminating Bias Series on Muslims, which is MCLE accredited. For California judges, you may access the recorded ING training by visiting CJER online or contacting Chio Saephanh at [email protected].

Accompanying our diversity training for judges is the Court Interactions with Muslims Bench Card handout which you can download here. To request a tailored ING training for your organization of judges, court administrators or attorneys, click here

DEI Training for Law Enforcement Officials

Certified by the State of California POST (Commission on Police Officers Standards and Training) are ING trainings titled, “Responding to Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes” and “Working with Communities to Counter Racism: Panels of Trainers from Muslim, Jewish, Black, Hispanic/Latino. Asian and Indigenous Communities.” These trainings are available to law enforcement agencies across the country at the local, state and federal level. To learn more or to request an ING training, click here.

Diversity Training for Professional Groups

ING provides diversity training that can be included in your long-term DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) programs within your organization, and for your organization’s work with diverse clients.

Our trainings are specifically tailored for the following professional groups: Educators in K-12, educators in colleges and universities, corporate managers and staff, law enforcement personnel, healthcare providers, dentists, government employees, court administrators, and non-profit organizations. To learn more, click here.

New Educator Curriculum and Videos: Experiences and Contributions of African American Muslims in History

Reaching over 5,000 people and downloaded by nearly a hundred educators since the launch, are new ING videos and lesson plans designed to bring attention to the experiences and contributions of enslaved African Muslims beginning in the 16th century, and African American Muslims in the early 20th century to ensure that their history is included and accurately represented in discussions about African American history.  Learn more here.

LIVE Presentations and Panels for Classrooms

Supplementing education about world religions, world history, American history, pluralism, women’s studies and other subjects are live presenters from ING’s speakers bureaus.

-Request an interreligious speakers panel here

-Request an interracial speakers panel here

-Request a Muslim presenter on topics relating to Islam here

Will You Join Us in Building a More Peaceful America Today? 

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