ING Resources for Parents and Teachers

August 18, 2022

As students begin the new academic year, we are pleased to offer free resources for Muslim parents and allies in your community. We would appreciate your support by sharing this message with educators and others who could benefit from our work in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging) training and supplementing curriculum and content standards in world religions classes.

Muslims in History and Today

Supplementing national and state content standards in social studies and world history classes about Muslims and their faith are live speakers and online resources.

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Interreligious Responses to Recent SCOTUS Decisions on Abortion and Prayer in Schools

Recent Supreme Court decisions about abortion and prayer in schools have elicited varied responses from different religious communities. This panel features representatives of the five major world religions providing perspectives from their religious traditions as they relate to these topics.

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Addressing Racial Identity, Bigotry and Racism

Available are live panels featuring representatives from various groups that have historically suffered from racism, as well as a series of lesson plans which examine the roots and impact of bigotry and also help students brainstorm ways to counter them.

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Shi’i and Sunni Muslims Stand in Solidarity Against Hate and the Tragic Violence in New Mexico

While relieved that an arrest was made in the murders of four South Asian men in Albuquerque, New Mexico between November 2021 and August 2022, we are horrified and heartbroken to learn that the suspect is a Muslim man who may have been motivated by anti-Shi‘i hatred. Sunni and Shi‘i Muslims stand in solidarity against such acts of sectarian hatred and violence and call for greater efforts to counter anti-Shi‘i bigotry and hate. Click here to read the full statement.

Upcoming ING Events

ING has a number of events in the weeks and months ahead, including a presentation on Islamophobia and Its Impact, a series of panels at the 59th Annual Islamic Society of North America Convention, an INGYouth workshop on Countering Bullying with Knowledge, Civility, and Respect, and diversity trainings for law enforcement personnel and judges and court administrators. Visit ING’s events page to learn more about all of our upcoming presentations, panels, workshops, and diversity trainings.

ING is able to provide presentations about Muslims and interreligious and interethnic panels to educators free of charge because of your support. You can partner with us in this work with your donations. Thank you for helping us dispel stereotypes and increase understanding in our communities and nation.