Muslim Guide for Healthcare | Calendar of Islamic Dates

January 26. 2023

Free Download: A Guide for Muslims on Countering Islamophobia in Healthcare Settings

Numerous studies show that Muslim patients often encounter anti-Muslim bias and discrimination in healthcare settings. ING’s newest guide addresses common concerns for Muslims seeking healthcare and recommends ways that Muslims can constructively counter Islamophobia. Download the guide here, which supplements a video conversation on the same topic between ING’s Ameena Jandali and Muneeza Rahman. The video was produced in cooperation with PlaneTree Health Library.

To learn more about ING’s efforts in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) in healthcare and dentalcare spaces, read about our training seminars and panels here. To learn more about ING’s DEIB programming for other professional groups, visit ING’s Diversity Training for Professional Groups webpage.

Updated Calendar of Important Islamic Dates

Include this updated calendar of 2023 important Islamic dates as a resource for your institution. Download the full calendar and description of holidays here.

Op-Ed: Displaying the Diversity of Muslims: Perspectives on a Controversy Over an Image of a Prophet

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Published in the Maydan online journal of George Mason University, read ING’s discussion on the diversity of Muslim perspectives on imagery of the prophet Muhammad. The article was based on ING’s lesson plan to guide classroom discussion on the topic.

Educators: Bring History and Social Studies to Life Through Live Speakers in 2023!

ING Interfaith Speakers Bureau speaking to a group of middle school students

ING’s presentations and live panels are offered throughout the year. Schedule a presentation or panel today from our roster below:  

Intercultural Panels with Indigenous, African, Latino/Hispanic, Asian, Jewish and Muslim American speakers that supplement the study of American history, colonialism, racism, and American pluralism. Topics include: Countering Bullying with Knowledge, Civility, and Respect and Countering Bigotry and Racism through Calls to Action. Available in 1-to-4-hour formats. Schedule here.  

Interreligious Panels with Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh American speakers that supplement the study of world religions and contemporary issues. Topics include: Living the Faith, Shared Values, Religious Holidays, Women, Peacemaking and many more. Available in 1-to-2-hour formats. Schedule here.  

Muslim American speakers on topics that supplement the study of Islam in world history, the Middle East, and contemporary issues. Topics include: Getting to Know Muslim Americans and Their Faith, A History of Muslims in America, Muslim Contributions to Civilization, Muslim Women Beyond the Stereotypes, Islamophobia and Its Impact, and Ramadan and Fasting. Available in 45-90-minute formats. Schedule here.